Noah’s Flood and the Earth’s Age


Release Date: January 1, 2009

Status: Released

Running time: 55m

Content Rating: G

Noah’s Flood and the Earth’s Age

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This presentation reveals the failed attempts of evolutionists to account for their proposed millions of years of earth history, and points to the true biblical age of our planet. As the Apostle Peter warned, there are those who scoff at the biblical account of the Flood and the young age of the earth. Focusing the accuracy of the scriptural account of earth history and the bankruptcy of evolutionary storytelling, geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling presents a truly biblical understanding of the age of the earth. The foundation of the gospel rests on the Bible’s clear account of history—beginning in Genesis. Without the foundation of billions of years of supposed geologic history, the evolutionary worldview crumbles. It is crucial that Scripture—rather than the fallible opinions of men—be used as our authority in all areas.

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