El Zorro escarlata en la venganza del ahorcado

Fantasy · 
Western · 

Release Date: December 11, 1958

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 11m

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Witch retrieves the corpse of a hanged criminal and brings it back to life as an unstoppable killing machine.

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El Zorro escarlata, known as El Zorro escarlata en la vendanza del ahorcado (in French, Le Zorro escarlata dans la vengeance du pendu), is a Mexican film directed by Rafael Baledón and released in 1958.This "Zorro escarlata" is played by actor Luis Aguilar, specialized in the ranchera genre. The character is a mixture of Johnston McCulley's Zorro and Emma Orczy's Red Mouron. The film is divided into three parts: "El Filho de la Bruja" (The Son of the Witch), "La Soga del Ahorcado" (The Pendu's String) and "El Secreto del Resuscitado" (The Secret of the Resurrection).

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