Dancing daughter


Release Date: August 2, 1986

Original name: 춤추는 딸

Status: Released

Dancing daughter

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Su-hee, who grew up with a single father, decides to give up her studies due to the recurrence of heart disease in her younger sister Jeong-hee and the loss of her father's job. Afterwards, Soo-hee gets a job at a disco club run by Madam Kim to pay for her Jeong-hee's hospital bills, where she is popular for her outstanding beauty. However, Soo-hee runs into her father, who, like her, finds her ex-girlfriend Madam Kim to save her Jeong-hee's hospital bills, and she learns about the relationship between the three. Shocked by her, her father runs out into the street and dies in a car accident, and Soo-hee vows revenge on her mother for abandoning herself. However, after the successful operation of Jeong-hee through her mother's love, her three mothers and daughters embrace each other in love.

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