Release Date: September 8, 2000

Status: Released

Running time: 1h 22m

Budget: $40,000

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Jack Flinter is skating on thin ice. Known to his friends as "Flick", he is drifting through life, dealing a bit of hash, drinking and screwing around. His girlfriend Alice has had enough. His friend and business partner Des is strung out, his behavior increasingly unpredictable. Their latest scam has them in over their heads. He meets Isabelle, a German woman visiting the city and the resulting story takes place over a few days and nights when all Jack's chickens come home to roost. His life spinning out of control, he has to make a decision - sink or swim.

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Flick is a 2000 Irish film. The plot is centres on a small-time drug dealer as he goes about his business in the bars and clubs of Dublin. The film is written and directed by Fintan Connolly and features David Murray, Isabelle Menke, David Wilmot and Gerard Mannix Flynn.


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