Songkolmae's Love for Everything


Release Date: April 2, 1983

Original name: 송골매의 모두 다 사랑하리

Status: Released

Songkolmae's Love for Everything

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Seung-hyeon, Joo-hee, Gong-ho, and Ki-young were high school classmates, but Seung-hyeon is often absent from school, so she is retiring. While Joo-hee, Gong-ho, and Ki-young enjoy their college life, Seung-hyeon feels lonely and troubled. Moreover, when Joo-hee, whom Seung-hyeon secretly liked, falls in love with Ki-young, he gets even more angry. Then, one day, Seung-hyeon is mischievous and playful, and he takes his friends to the daily teahouse run by Deok-hwan and tries to feed them, but gets hurt. However, this incident strengthens the relationship between Deok-hwan and Seung-hyeon, and Seung-hyeon matures into the friendship of his senior Deok-hwan. Seung-hyeon, who studied hard and became a college student, visits Joo-hee and naturally finds love.

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