Dr. Gressmann zeigt Gefühle


Release Date: August 27, 2014

Status: Released

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On the parents' evening of his son Konstantin Philipp Gressmann meets Dolores Storm, only reluctantly, as he emphasizes several times. The woman is absolutely not his league. Gressmann, hard-rich, lives in the fine Westend, Dolores in a high-rise settlement in the middle of a social focal point of the city. That her sons should be friends, his ex-wife even advocates this, appalls him. When leaving school Dolores also attaches himself to his heels to escape two extremely shady types, Taci and Ali It begins a turbulent journey through the night in which these very different worlds meet. Gressmann experiences things that he would not have dreamed of and experiences that he would have preferred to give up. His so finely arranged world gets considerable cracks. Dr. Gressmann, who otherwise so clarified and coolly calculated, suddenly shows feelings to his own surprise.

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