Just Like Brothers (2012)

1h 44m
Running time

November 21, 2012
Release Date

Just Like Brothers (2012)

1h 44m
Running time

November 21, 2012
Release Date

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Since Charlie is no longer there, the lives of Boris, Elie, and Maxime have been torn apart. These three men, who have nothing in common, all shared one thing: their love for Charlie. One loved her like a sister, one loved her like the woman of his dreams, one loved her like a friend. Except that Charlie is dead and none of them - not Boris, an accomplished businessman, not Elie, a night owl scriptwriter, and not Maxime, still living at home with his mother - know how to deal with it. But because she asked them to do so, they abruptly decide to undertake a journey together, heading for Corsica and the house that Charlie loved so much. Except that here they are stuck in a car together for over 500 miles. It's going to be a long journey. Boris, Elie and Maxime, three men, three generations, no affinity. But by the time they arrive at their destination, they will have realized one majorly important thing: Charlie has changed their lives forever.

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Release Date
November 21, 2012

Original name
Comme des frères


Running time
1h 44m

Filming Locations
Aix-en-Provence, France



Just Like Brothers (original title: Comme des frères) is a 2012 French comedy film written, directed and produced by Hugo Gélin.

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