Temple Abady

Temple Abady

Known for: Sound
Birthday: 1903-06-13
Deathday: 1970-12-01 (67 years old)

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Temple Abady also H. Temple Abady (born 13 June 1903 in Hampstead, London as Harold Temple Abady; † 1 December 1970 in Worthing, Sussex) was a British composer. He created some musical works for the British cinema of the 1940s and 1950s, including compositions for movies such as Die Schwindlerin, Miranda, An der Straßenecke or Morgen wird Du mich klöft Harold Temple Abady was born in 1903 in the London district of Hampstead. He attended Christ Church College in Oxford. In the 1920s and 1930s Temple Abady composed mainly stage music and music for concert works. From 1947 on, Temple Abady also wrote film music, first for the two short documentary films The Three A's: A County Modern School and Along the Line. In the same year, he made his film debut with the composition for Jack Lee's Drama Die Schwindlerin with Ursula Jeans, Jean Simmons and Cecil Parker.At the end of the 1940s, he worked for directors such as Bernard Knowles, Ken Annakin, Douglas Peirce, Derek N Twist and Thornton Freeland. At the beginning of the 1950s he made further film compositions for the filmmakers Anthony Squire, Francis Searle, John Guillermin, Charles Saunders and Frank Launder. In 1953 he wrote for the director Muriel Box the score for the crime film An der Straßenecke with Anne Crawford, Peggy Cummins and Rosamund John in the leading roles. In the same year he produced two more scores for a comedy by C. M. Pennington-Richards and a drama for Francis Searle For the crime film Morgen you will kill me by director Terence Fisher in the cast Pat O'Brien, Lois Maxwell and George Coulouris in 1957 his last composition for the British cinema.Temple Abady died on 1 December 1970 67-year-old in Worthing in the county of Sussex. He was married to the English costume designer Anna Duse (* 21 July 1908).


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1970-12-01 (67 years old)

Place of birth
London Borough of Camden, United Kingdom

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, United Kingdom

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