Ariel López Padilla

Ariel López Padilla

Known for: Acting
Birthday: 1962-08-12 (61 years old)

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Ariel López Padilla (born August 12, 1962 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico) is a Mexican actor. He is best known for his acting in many telenovelas such as Gata Salvaje, Pecados Ajenos, Inocente de ti. Ariel Lopez works for most famous telenovelas productions principally for Telemundo and Venevision, but also has some credits in Televisa and TV Azteca. He lives in Miami, U.S.

When young, he showed an interest for acting. Dunia Zaldívar, his aunt and who already counted with some years as an actress, shared with him acting techniques, selected literature, examples and other guides that introduced him formally and with a lot of affection to this art.

He studied the career of performance arts at the Universidad de Guadalajara and participated in several productions where he quickly became distinguished, especially in comic papers. Later he was hired as a dancer by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (I.N.B.A.) in Mexico City. He has taken courses and workshops in Mexico, Cuba, France, Germany, United States and the former USSR, where he auditioned for the Bolshoi Ballet in the capital, Moscow.

He gave up at I.N.B.A. as a dancer to participate in the production of Cats The Musical. He enrolled to Televisa's Centro de Educación Artística. Ariel was discovered by Eugenio Cobo, CEA's Principal, allowing him to have his first sporadic but constant appearances in multiple TV shows and eventually to take his first main papers in soap operas like La Pícara Soñadora (Dir. Raquel Parot, Prod. Valentin Pimstein) y De frente al sol (Dir. Miguel Corcega, Prod. Carla Estrada).

His jump to the fame came with the soap opera Corazón salvaje, the third adaptation to the TV screen of the novel written by Caridad Bravo Adams, directed by Alberto Cortez and produced by José Rendón.


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Known for


1962-08-12 (61 years old)

Place of birth
Guadalajara, Mexico

Mariana Levy (1996-01-01 - 1997-01-01)


Miami, United States of America

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