Carlos Ordóñez

Carlos Ordóñez

Known for: Crew
Birthday: 1958-07-30 (64 years old)

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Carlos Alfredo Ordóñez Basauri (30 July 1958 + 2015), spiritual name Haladhara Dasa) is a Peruvian composer. He was born in Lima. He received private lessons in piano, violin, and after harmony, counterpoint and composition by Alejandro Núñez Allauca and Francisco Pulgar Vidal. He subsequently entered the National Conservatory of Music where he studied for a composition period with José Sosaya. He then premiered Cubist Variations for violin, clarinet, guitar and piano He was associated at that time with Gilles Mercier and a group of interpreters from the Conservatory to explore new compositional techniques (aleatority, serialism), which led them to organize a recital of young composers in the auditorium of the British Peruvian Institute where he presented a work for guitar alone. Then he would present in an art gallery Timelines for violin (the same composer) and guitar. He also composed Study No. 1 for phagot and chelo. Vedic knowledge lectures attracted him and entered ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness). For 10 years he dedicated himself to the study and dissemination of such philosophy, receiving at a ceremony his spiritual name Haladhara Dasa. He received two initiations, then traveled to Chile and Europe. He resumed the composition, and after attending a composition seminar with Karlheinz Stockhausen in 2002, he returned to Peru, where he joined the Secret Choir to Voces. In 2007 he won the III International Music Composition Competition of the University of Zaragoza by Aishvarya Murti Deva.


Known for


1958-07-30 (64 years old)


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