Christian Seidel

Christian Seidel

Known for: Production
Birthday: 1991-06-28 (31 years old)

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Christian Seidel is a German author and film producer. He has recently published books in 2010, 2011, 2014, 2016 and 2018, 2019. Most of his work has been subject to the contradiction of image and reality. The books of Christian Seidel are quoted as a part of the gender debate. His bestseller The woman inside of me, published by Random House in 2014, has been sold in many countries all over the world with special editions in Japan and Korea. In this book, he describes his three-year experiment to live as a woman. The book has been filmed by Iranian director Dariush Rafiy for Arte television ("Christian and Christiane", 90 min., 2015). With "Genderkey" (Ariston/Randomhouse, 2016), Seidel has published a significant analysis of the gender roles and their stereotypes, which he describes as "destructively dominating our lives, especially women's lives". "Genderkey" has caused a public debate in Germany, Austria and France. In interviews, the author has criticized the "phlegmatic behaviour of men within the gender debate. With his last work "Ich komme" ("I am coming") the author has initiated a critical debate about male sexuality, again accusing "the loud male silence" in the #metoo debate. Seidel is teaching about gender roles in seminars, as well as consulting the image of personalities. Seidel's earlier book Winning without fighting published by Random House Publishing Group in 2011, is an autobiographical reflection about his personal rediscovery of the values of life. A path which took him on a journey through the training of martial arts TaekWonDo in Korea. Subsequently, in accordance with these principles and values, he changed his way of conducting his successful career as an international media manager. In February 2015 Seidel has presented his epic documentary movie Nebesna Sotnja (The Heavenly Hundred) in Kiew, Ukraine, on the occasion of the memorials of the massacres during the Maidan protests in Kiew. The 90-minute documentary film tells the events of the Maidan protest movement in the Ukrainian capital of winter 2013/14 and its shootings as well as the stories of victims and their families, who have lost their fathers and mothers. Seidel, who was accidentally present on Maidan square at this time, has realized his movie as a producer and a director together with Austrian film producer Thomas Vacek. The picture is been considered as one of "the most authentic documents about the Maidan events" (Kiew Post). Christian Seidel has become known as a film producer after his production of the feature film The Biographer – The Secret Life of Princess Di (2002), a film noir-style feature film about Princess Diana, (director: Philip Saville, starring Paul Mc Gann, Faye Dunaway, Brian Cox and Hugh Bonneville). The picture based on the biography of Diana by Andrew Morton, published by Michael O'Mara in 1992, consequently causing a major scandal in the Royal Family. Together with British director Nicolas Roeg (Don’t look Now) Seidel produced the English art house film project The Sound of Claudia Schiffer (2001) for BBC2, starring Claudia Schiffer, music by Adrian Utley (Portishead). He later executive produced all other episodes of this engaging art project, directed by Werner Herzog, The Quay Brothers and Hal Hartley.


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1991-06-28 (31 years old)


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Christian Seidel
Christian Seidel

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