Mi Er

Mi Er

Known for: Creator
Birthday: 1979-10-12 (44 years old)

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Professional manga artist in Beijing, China.He served as a director-level manga artist in Tianjin Animation Hall Art Development Co., Ltd.Representative works include "Under One Person" and so on. Mi Er's education is not high, he graduated from vocational high school, and later became a chef (he said he likes to eat).At the age of 30, he made a decision that changed the trajectory of his life-to quit his job as a chef and do something.I happened to see a recruitment in the newspaper. He was a comic assistant to the comic artist Ren Changhong, so he entered the comic industry.Two years later, Mi Er was pulled by his friend, the comic artist Ren Xiang, to meet Li Jing (Lao Pig), the founder of "Soulmate Comics", in a hotel in Beijing. At first, Mi Er was not called Mi Er, but Mi Fu. In the chat, Ren Xiang said that Mi Er was a very good person, and the old pig said, Don't call it Mi Fu, let's call it Mi Er.Later, in various interviews, Mi Er did not shy away from this experience at all.


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Known for


1979-10-12 (44 years old)

Also known as
mi er, Mier, 米老2, 米老, 米二, Gāo Ān, Mǐ Èr, Er Mi

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