Wu Chia-Chun

Wu Chia-Chun

Known for: Directing
Biography: 1919-10-22 (104 years old)


Born in 1928 (sic), cinematographer. His father is the famous film director Wu Wenchao, and his younger brother Wu Jiaju is also a cinematographer. After graduating from Shanghai Guoqiang Middle School, he participated in film work for the first time, serving as a camera assistant in "Wushan Dream Return" directed by Chen Yiqing, and continued to participate in the shooting of several films. In 1954, he came to Taiwan alone, entered the Taiwan Film Studio, and shot his first photography work "Poppy Flowers", and then shot "A Place Without Women" directed by Tang Shaohua. In 1955, his father Wu Wenchao and his family also came to Taiwan. Both father and son entered the Taiwanese documentary film industry, and shot the feature film "Cui Ling Chang Chun" as director and photographer respectively. In 1958, after Wu Wenchao and his son left Taiwanese production, they founded Jixing Film Company to take over film production, responsible for film photography, development and other technical work. They lived a busy life of filming during the day and developing films at night. Wu Jiajun's photography work has continued like this, including the first black and white Taiwanese authentic new arts complex film "The Legend of Sakyamuni - The Birth" shot in 1962 with Liang Zhefu. In 1972, Wu Jiajun began to work as a director, and directed films such as "The Monkey King vs. Red Boy" and "One Dragon". Among them, "The Female Tyrant", in addition to writing and directing, he also acted as producer and editor. In 1994, he completed his last work "Lust, Caution" as a photographer and editor and retired at home. Lucky Star Company also closed down. Throughout Wu Jiajun's film photography career, a total of more than 20 works were released.



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Known For


1919-10-22 (104 years old)

Also Known As
吳家駿 , Ng Ga-Chun, Ng Ka-Chun, Wu Chiao-Shang, Wu Chia-Chiun, C. C. Wu, Wu Kwo-Hsiao

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Wu Chia-Chun
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Wu Chia-Chun
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Wu Chia-Chun
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Wu Chia-Chun
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Wu Chia-Chun
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