Fern Field

Fern Field

Known for: Directing
Birthday: 1934-06-28 (88 years old)

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Fern Field (born June 28, 1934 in Milan, Italy) is an American film producer and filmmaker who, together with Jim Belcher, was nominated for an Oscar in 1979 for the short film A Different Approach. Field is known in her home country for her commitment to disabled people. Field was born in Milan in 1934 as the daughter of William and Betty, née Dosnansky, Field. She attended Columbia University, Hunter College and the University of California. She began her film career with Norman Lears Tandem Productions as assistant to the executive producer of the Maude television series (1975–1978) Field was inspired by a character from the Maude series, who had suffered a stroke. Together with Jim Belcher, who co-produced the film and wrote the screenplay, she was nominated for an Oscar with and for the film, but who went to Taylor Hackford and the film Teenage Father, which addressed the "first time" of a young couple. The film drew upon Field as co-founder of Media Access and the Media Access Award to continue to promote disabled people. Field was often honored for her work in relation to disabled people. Another film was created in which the human psyche is the focus Just the Way You Are In The Facts of Life, she introduced Geri Jewell as the first actor with a disability, who was allowed to portray his character on television for the prime time.In 1981, Field produced a episode of the television series The Baxters and in the same year also the television film Please Don't Hit Me, Mom, who was nominated for a Primetime Emmy Award. The film is about child abuse by her own mother. Also the biographical family drama Die Welle, produced by Field, was released in 1981. Content of the film is an experiment conducted at an American high school, which is supposed to show how easily people can be seduced and how it can come to the horrors of National Socialism in Germany. For the television drama Heartsounds with Mary Tyler Moore and James Garner in the main roles, which was broadcast in 1984, Field was nominated for an Emmy The film addresses the American health care system and the struggle that a New York urologist takes up with his wife. Field was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 1984 for the episode The Celebrity and the Arcade Kid from the television series Junge Fatele. In the episode, a video character and a teen movie star discover that they are exactly the same and decide to exchange their identity. From 2002 to 2009, Field worked in various roles for the comedy crime series Monk, in which Tony Shalhoub embodied the neurotic private detective Adrian Monk. In 2007 Field created a game show that applied for the correct use of the English language for students of California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB), Palm Desert Campus, in which one could fight for a corresponding scholarship. Field's other works include programs for children, drama and action series, films of the week, and miniseries with stars such as James Garner, Mary Tyler Moore, Christopher Plummer, Sam Neill, and others. In the indie feature film Shakespear的s Cat (2010), she appeared as an advisory producer, as well as for the real-life drama Do It or Die (2017), which deals with the abduction of philanthropist Elaine Chaddick, wife of multimillionaire Harry F. Chaddick. Fern Fields is a member of the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, the unional associations Directors Guild of America and Writers Guild of America and the network organization Women in Film and Television. In May 1979, Fild married the producer Norman G. Brooks. He died in 1991 in Los Angeles, where the couple lived at the time. After his death Field began to cope with her grief, write letters to him and publish them on her website. Writing these letters helped her through a dark and terrible time, she let people know.


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1934-06-28 (88 years old)

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Fern Field
Fern Field

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