Andrius Blaževičius

Andrius Blaževičius

Known for: Directing
Biography: 1985-06-26 (38 years old)


Andrius Blaževičius (born 26 June 1985) is a Lithuanian film director and screenwriter. Andrius Blaževičius was born in Vilnius, Lithuania. He studied cultural history and anthropology at Vilnius University for one year before pursuing studies in film direction at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, where he earned a master's degree in 2011.During his studies, he directed six short films, including a documentary. Andrius Blaževičius worked as an independent filmmaker and, since 2010, as a programme director for the Vilnius International Film Festival in Lithuania.In 2011, he wrote and directed his last short film, Ten Reasons, in collaboration with producer Marija Razgutė and the production company M-Films. This project won two awards from the Lithuanian Film Academy.In 2016, Blaževičius directed his first feature film, The Saint. Still accompanied by Marija Razgutė in production (M-Films), the project premiered at the Warsaw International Film Festival and the Busan International Film Festival and won six national awards from Lithuanian Cinema Academy. This film became one of the highest-grossing independent Lithuanian films with 47,000 admissions at the national box office.Blaževičius wrote and directed his second film, Runner, in 2021. This third collaboration with Marija Razgutė and M-Films premiered at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival in 2021, and the lead actress, Žygimantė Elena Jakštaitė, received the Shooting Star Award from the European Film Institute. Runner also received two awards from the Lithuanian Film Academy, for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role.Blaževičius has served as a jury member at various international film festivals, including the Vilnius International Film Festival, FeKK, Sleepwalkers, and ZubrOFFka. He is also a reader at the Lithuanian Film Centre and a member of the selection committee for the Vilnius International Film Festival since 2010.


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Known For


1985-06-26 (38 years old)


Also Known As
Andrjus Blaževičs

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Andrius Blaževičius
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Andrius Blaževičius
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Andrius Blaževičius
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