Pedro Carvalho

Pedro Carvalho

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Pedro Carvalho was born in Guarda, Portugal, but grew up in Fundão, where he lived until 17 when he moved to Lisbon to pursue a career as an actor. He finished the professional course of ACT - School of Actors for Cinema and Television in 2007 and since then he has worked in television, cinema and theater.

Movies & TV shows


1 Movie
Pára-me de Repente o Pensamento

Pára-me de Repente o Pensamento

A cigarette and a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee and a coin. The patients are in the halls. They walk alone. Waiting. There is a burning cigarette. There are therapies that appeal to the senses. They ...


1 Movie
At Sea

At Sea

No Mar is a film about Cecília, the only teacher on a small fishing island. One fateful morning Cecília's daughter Maria asks her best friend Lúcia to cover for her as she goes to the beach to watch h...
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