Andrew Wagenheim

Andrew Wagenheim

Known For: Acting · Gender: Male · Place of Birth: Florida - USA

1 Movie

Also Known As: Huggbees


Andrew Wagenheim, also known by the handle , is a YouTuber and podcast host who run his channel Huggbees, a comedy channel. His most well known videos are his "How It's Actually Made" series, where he humorously voices over episodes of the show "How It's Made". He is also a co-host of The Official Podcast, alongside Kaya Orsan, Jackson Clarke and Charlie White (known on YouTube as penguinz0/Cr1TiKaL). He is starring in an upcoming horror film "Last of The Grads".

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1 Movie
Last of the Grads

Last of the Grads

A class of graduating high school seniors, nearing the crossroads of their lives, celebrate their last night together at the annual school lock-in. They didn't know they were about to meet the "Coast ...
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