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John Hill

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John Hill was an American screenwriter and television producer. He got his start in Hollywood when he penned the 1976 TV movie Griffin and Phoenix, starring Peter Falk and Jill Clayburgh. In 1980 his film Heartbeeps was released, starring Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peters. He was originally from Prairie Village, Kansas. He wrote the movie Quigley Down Under in 1975. It was slated to be filmed in 1980, but was postponed when star Steve McQueen became too ill with cancer. In 2007, Griffin and Phoenix would be remade as a feature film, screenplay also by Hill, starring Dermot Mulroney. Hill was married twice; his first marriage lasted from 1976 until it ended in divorce in 1991. He attained success as a writer for TV's Quantum Leap, and writer/producer of L.A. Law. Hill taught in the Educational Outreach division of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) in Las Vegas, Nevada. He married Nancy Gross in 1995. They were still married at the time of his death. His two children resulted from this union. He is survived by his wife, Nancy Gross, and their two children. He leaves behind a wife and two children, Nancy and Michael, and a son and a daughter.

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The Heart of Man

The Heart of Man

The Heart of Man is a timeless tale of a father's relentless pursuit of his son -- interwoven with interviews of top thought-leaders on brokenness, identity, and shame.
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