Alf Prøysen

Alf Prøysen

Gender: Male
Known for: Writing
Birthday: 1914-07-23
Deathday: 1970-11-23 (56 years old)

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Alf Prøysen (23 July 1914 – 23 November 1970) was a Norwegian author, poet, playwright, songwriter and musician.Prøysen was one of the most important Norwegian cultural personalities in the second half of the twentieth century. He worked in several different media including books, newspapers and records. He also made significant contributions to music as well as to television and radio. He also wrote in the Arbeiderbladet from 1954 until his death.He was also noted for his series of books featuring Mrs. Pepperpot (Norwegian: Teskjekjerringa). The fictional character of a series of children's books established him as a children's author. The series of books were first published during 1956 and was first published in English in 1959. Biography from Prøysenhuset, a museum dedicated to the artist.Biography written by the artist's daughter, Elin Prøysen.Mer om Alf Prøysens seksuelle legning – Forfatter Ove Røsbak «rømte landet» etter at han slapp sin Prøysen-biografi i 1992. Nå har han fornyet biografien, gir den ut på nytt og supplerer med opplysninger om forfatterens seksuelle legning.

Personal Life

He married Else Storhaug (1916-2015) in 1948. They had two children; a daughter Elin Julie (born 1949) and a son Alf Ketil (born 1951). Alf Prøysen died of cancer at age 56. He was buried at Vår Frelsers gravlund in Oslo.Several biographies have been written about Alf Prøysen including a book by his daughter Elin Prøysen as well as works by Helge Hagen and Dag Solberg. A book by Ove Røsbak appeared during 1992. Røsbak also wrote an article in Dagbladet stating that several of his sources confirmed that Prøysen had discussed his bisexuality during the 1960s.In Samtiden; nr 2, 2007 Dagbladet also had an interview with gay activist Karen-Christine Friele in which she confirmed that Prøysen had told her about his love of men and his divided life. Dagbladet editor Knut Olav Åmås commented later that the resulting debate revealed mixed feelings towards gay/bisexuality.



Known for



1970-11-23 (56 years old)

Place of birth
Rudshøgda, Norway

Elin Prøysen


Also known as
Alf Olafsen, Альф Прёйсен

Arts Council Norway Honorary Award

Christina Lagerson
Alf Prøysen
Christina Lagerson worked together with Alf Prøysen in:
3 TV shows
Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt
Alf Prøysen
Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt worked together with Alf Prøysen in:
3 TV shows
Birgitta Andersson
Alf Prøysen
Birgitta Andersson worked together with Alf Prøysen in:
3 TV shows
Alf Prøysen
Alf Prøysen
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