Holger Paetz

Holger Paetz

Known For: Acting · Birthday: 1952-08-23 · Gender: Male · Place of Birth: München, Germany

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Holger Paetz (born 23 August 1952 in Munich) is a German cabaret artist, songwriter and author of satirical texts. Holger Paetz is the son of Ruth Paetz (29 October 1923 to 16 June 1988) and Hans Paetz (24 June 1988). Holger Paetz grew up in the factory of the power plant in Leider, a district of Aschaffenburg. He attended the Brentano School in Aschaffenburg and then the Humanist Gymnasium, which is now called Kronberg Gymnasium. Already during his school years and especially during his studies he worked musically in various folk bands. a. in the folklore group "Trapaetz" which he founded (production with the Bayerischer Rundfunk and television appearance in the ARD-"Talentschuppen" in Berlin). After aborted studies of musicology, art history and English studies at the Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg he decided to pursue an artistic career. He wrote his own texts and songs (Ascheberscher Cityblues) and developed first cabaret solo programs. In 1976 he was awarded the Liedermaker Award of the Hessischer Rundfunk In 1977 he went to Munich and performed there on various small art stages, such as the KEKK, the Liederbühne Robinson, the Musikalische Unterholz (MUH) and the Hinterhoftheater. In addition, he earned his living as a cemetery gardener, waiter and archivist. Paetz finally led his solo cabaret to Mainz's Unterhaus. He performed at the KampnagelFestival in Hamburg and the Leipziger Lachmesse. He was a guest in cabaret shows such as the Midnight Tips, Ottis Schlachthof and the Scheibenwischer, where he wrote texts together with Dieter Hildebrandt. Dieter Hildebrandt was also his godfather at the presentation of the cabaret award Salzburger Stier, which Paetz received in 1996. From 1999 he worked with Uli Bauer, who, like Paetz, belonged to the ensemble of the Munich Lach- und Schiffengesellschaft, which was newly founded in 2002, and which he also belonged to the Munich Lach- und Schiffengesellschaft. From 1999 to 2009 he was the main author of the Singspiel at the Starkbieranstich am Nockherberg and there also actor of the FDP politician Guido Westerwelle. From 2009 to 2020 Paetz gave a satirical-political monthly review in the Munich Valentin Karlstadt-Musäum in the context of a Sunday matinee under the title "So schön wast" still rare! Under the same title Holger Paetz plays an annual review program every year from December. His solo "Gott hat Zeit genüg" premiered on 13 January 2010 in the Mainzer Unterhaus and the stage program "Ganz fest lassen" on 17 March 2012 in the Hofgarten-Kabarett, Aschaffenburg Also there the premiere of the programme "Auch Veganer verwelken" took place at the end of October 2013 and in October 2016 of the programme "Ekstase in Dignity".2015 The Holger Paetz Verlag Schwabing was founded.

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The cabaret is called political.


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