Alex Heartman

Alex Heartman

Known For: Acting · Birthday: 1990-02-24 (31 years old) · Gender: Male

6 Movies · 1 TV show

Also Known As: Alexander P. Heartman


Alex Heartman (born February 24, 1990) is an actor best known for playing Jayden Shiba - the Red Ranger of Power Rangers: Samurai and Power Rangers: Super Samurai. Before that, he played the role of a killer in Warrior Showdown. In 2012, at the Kids Choice Awards, Alex was one of the nominees in the Best Favorite Television Actor award. During the Power Rangers: Samurai series. Before entering Power Rangers, he did a sword training with his former classmate named Carly He made a main appearance in the Australian band's "Need Your Love" clip The Temper Trap, in which he duels his rival and ends up losing, then trains with a martial arts master. Alex has climbed a role of a black-track arch-enemy in the action and drama film called Take a Chance.
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