Jana Kirschner

Jana Kirschner

Known For: Sound · Birthday: 1978-12-29 (42 years old) · Gender: Female · Place of Birth: Martin, Slovakia

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Jana Kirschner (born Jana Kirschnerová; 29 December 1978 in Martin) is a Slovak singer, songwriter and multiple award winner across several music genres.In 1996 she released her first album Jana Kirschner, however, it was her second record V cudzom meste which brought Jana Kirschner widespread recognition and popularity in Slovakia and later in Czech Republic. She won four ZAI Awards including the New Artist of the Year (1997), Album and Music Artist of the Year respectively (1999), and Female Singer of the Year (2000). In 1999, she topped the local Slávik poll–based awards. In the years 2003 and 2007, she won two Aurel Awards as Female Singer of the Year.In 2013 and 2014, Jana Kirschner released a two-album project titled Moruša: Biela and Moruša: Čierna produced by UK musician, composer and arranger Eddie Stevens.The tracks from both albums were brought to life again in 2015 on the album Moruša: Remixed which contains 12 songs remixed by various producers from Central Europe.

Personal Life

She lives in London together with her husband, British producer Eddie Stevens, and two children.

Movies & TV shows


1 TV show
The Slavs

The Slavs

A mortally wounded man was found. He doesn't know what tribe he belongs to. He doesn't remember his previous life because of Draha's healing skills. His name is Draha.


1 Movie


Alone is about the 91-year-old actress and writer Luba Skořepová, who used to be a member of Czech National Theatre group for almost 70 years. She still wants to work but for many people she is too ol...


1 Movie
Felvidek – Caught in Between

Felvidek – Caught in Between

In her documentary on Hungarian-Slovak relations, Vladislava Plancíková focuses on the word "felvidék", which refers to the now non-existent northern part of Austro-Hungary. In a personal collage cons...
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