Vanessa Rae Bent

Vanessa Rae Bent

Known For: Acting · Gender: Female · Place of Birth: United States

2 Movies


The moment you learn that Vanessa Rae Bent was named after Hollywood icon Vanessa Redgrave, it is clear that her path towards stardom began at birth. In fact, the name Vanessa itself means butterfly in Greek, which is why it is so easy to understand how she continues to grow more and more beautiful as a human and an artist. Vanessa is one of those rare souls who actually live in the proverbial moment; she recognizes and embraces the importance of the journey, which is why she will never stop reaching for more. It is easy to look at Vanessa and see why she is a talented model, but the passion that Vanessa holds in her heart is what defines her as a gifted artist and performer. Her chameleon-like ability to transform herself onstage and on camera is a talent that can be honed, however, it comes naturally to Vanessa and always has, which has made people stop and take notice of her artistic abilities for quite some time. Vanessa began at an early age taking ballet, competing in pageants, playing the piano and flute during academic years. Vanessa has always had a passion for the arts and loves to expand her creative side anyway possible. Vanessa believes in the philosophy that "Positive Minds ,Create Positive Realities", a phrase she created when she decided to follow her dreams and she lives by that everyday. Vanessa loves people and being on set gives her the opportunity to meet all different walks of life. It feeds her soul and she loves any chance she gets, to be able to make new friends and touch someone's life in a positive way. - IMDb Mini Biography By: Vanessa Rae Bent

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2 Movies
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