Chris Metzen

Chris Metzen

Known For: Production · Birthday: 1973-11-22 (47 years old) · Gender: Male

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Christopher Vincent Metzen (born November 22, 1973) a.k.a. "Thundergod" is an American game designer, artist, voice actor, and author known for his work creating the fictional universes and scripts for Blizzard Entertainment's three major award-winning media franchises: Warcraft, Diablo and StarCraft. On occasion, Metzen has published his art under the alias "Thundergod". Metzen was hired by Blizzard Entertainment as an animator and an artist; his first work for the company was with the video game Justice League Task Force.Metzen was the Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard Entertainment and assisted the company's projects by providing voice talent for a number of characters, most notably the orc character Thrall, as well as contributing to artistic character design. Outside Blizzard Entertainment, Metzen authored a graphic novel series based on a futuristic second American civil war. Metzen retired in September 2016 to spend more time with his family.In his most recent work, Metzen co-authored graphic novels, Transformers: Autocracy and Transformers Monstrosity with author Flint Dille and artist Livio Ramondelli.

Personal Life

He first started creating comics at the age of twelve, but that he had held an interest in drawing since at least six. He states that he still retains a habit of spending "an average of thirty-five dollars per week" on comics books. A fan of Dungeons & Dragons, Metzen cites the Dragonlance series of novels and Star Wars as the primary inspirations for his fantasy and science fiction creations, and names fantasy and comic book artists such as Walt Simonson and Keith Parkinson as his artistic inspirations.He defines his artistic style as having been "heavily influenced by Walt Simonson's and Jim Lee's pencilling styles for form" while preferring the "costuming, themes and general feel of Larry Elmore and Keith Parkinson's fantasy paintings". In addition to art, Metzen's interests include pop and rock music, the nightlife, and dirt bikes.On April 21, 2013, Metzen married his longtime girlfriend Kat Hunter, who was a licensing project manager at Blizzard Entertainment. They have three children.

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The peaceful realm of Azeroth is on the verge of war as it faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. One army faces destruction and the other faces ...


1 Movie
Azeroth Choppers

Azeroth Choppers

Grab a front-row seat for the ultimate road showdown! Legendary custom motorcycle designer Paul Jr. has assembled two handpicked teams of bike experts to bring to life a pair of asphalt-kicking choppe...
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