Gang Wang

Gang Wang

Known for: Acting
Birthday: 1948-12-22 (73 years old)


Wang Gang (Chinese: 王刚; born December 22, 1948) is a Chinese actor and host. He is best known for his role as Heshen, a corrupt Qing Dynasty official favoured by the Qianlong Emperor, in many television series. He first came to prominence in 1986 for hosting the CCTV New Year's Gala. Wang has also hosted the CCTV programme Friends since 2000. He won a Golden Eagle Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1997 for his performance in Liu the Hunchback Chancellor (宰相刘罗锅). He also hosts Liaoning TV's talk show Wang Gang Telling Stories (王刚讲故事).

Personal Life

Wang has married three times. He married his first wife announcer Xiao Du (小杜) in 1978, with whom he had a daughter, Wang Tingting (王婷婷). The couple divorced in 1979.Wang married for the second time in October 1996, to singer Cheng Fangyuan (成方圆), they divorced in 2001.On 8 November 2006, Wang married a woman named Zheng Yandong (郑艳东) he met on the internet in 2005 and has been chatting with since then. In August 2008, when Wang was around 60 years old, his wife gave birth to their son: Wang Yiding (王一丁).



Known for

Place of birth
Changchun, Manchukuo

1948-12-22 (73 years old)

People's Republic of China

Wang Gang
Gang Wang
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Gang Wang
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Gang Wang
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