Julia-Niharika Sen

Julia-Niharika Sen

Known For: Acting · Birthday: 1967-01-01 (54 years old) · Gender: Female · Place of Birth: Kiel, Germany

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Also Known As: Julia-Niharika Sen · Julia Sen-Niharikia


Julia-Niharika Sen (born 28 April 1967 in Kiel) is a German journalist and television presenter. Her father Tapan-Kumar Sen is from India (Bengalen). He came to Germany in 1965 and is involved in cultural exchange. He is also on the board of the German-Indian Society (DIG) in Hamburg. Her second first name "Niharika" means "Star Sparkling" in Hindi. After studying English and Romance Studies, Julia-Niharika Sen worked as a television journalist and filmmaker for various editors in NDR television As a film author, she also reported from abroad, including on children's work in India. In 2006, she moderated the Hamburg cultural and reportage magazine Rund um den Michel on NDR television.As a reporter, she was used for various shows, including As a live reporter for the Hamburg Journal's Departments of Economics, Politics, Social Affairs and Culture and for the NDR-Reporter-Dokureihe Naturnah. In the ARD she moderates the annual live broadcast of Trooping the Colour from London at the side of Rolf Seelmann-Eggebert in the ARD-Sendung "Zu Ehren der Königin" (To the Queen's Honor).Since 2009, the journalist also presents reports from the ARD foreign correspondents every week on the current world events in the NDR-Auslands-Magazin Weltbilder.Sen moderates the Hamburg Journal, the daily main news broadcast for Hamburg, on NDR television since January 18, 2010. The program informs about public events, political events and cultural and social life in the metropolis.After she moderated at tagesschau24 in January 2018, since 14 April 2018, she has been part of the permanent moderator team of the Tagesschau News and speaks the Tagesschau In July 2018, Sen presented the night magazine for the first time. In September 2020 it became known that she, like Constantin Schreiber, will be part of the speaker team of the 20 o'clock edition of the Tagesschau in the future. For the first time on January 11, 2021 she read the main evening news programme at 8 pm. On the same evening Julia-Niharika Sen read the news for the first time on the day topics. Since 2009, she has led the annual award of the "Bertini Prize" (named after the novel by Ralph Giordano), which is awarded for civilian courage and against forgetting the crimes of the National Socialists. Since 2011, she has moderated the Hamburg press ball at the Hotel Atlantic, where the Erich-Klabunde-Prize is awarded to outstanding journalists every year. Julia-Niharika Sen has two children with her partner and lives in Hamburg. She is co-founder of the association „Freundeskreis Tara for Children e.V.", which supports severely disadvantaged women and children in India in local aid and school projects.

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Die Nordstory

Die Nordstory

Wonderful landscapes, fascinating animal worlds and exciting people: the nordstory tells stories from the north.


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