Filmes De Nanar

Aqui coletamos os melhores filmes sobre nanar em ordem de popularidade
The Undercovers

The Undercovers

A specialist in nuclear fission and ballistic missiles is fired for neglecting certain rules. The CIA then proposes a particularly dangerous mission: to infiltrate a terrorist organisation nestled i...
The Devil's Sword

The Devil's Sword

The DEVIL'S SWORD lies hidden in a secret cave inside Devils Mountain, everything evil will fight to the death for it... "For whoever possesses the sword, will rule the kingdom!" Four warriors attack ...
No Dead Heroes

No Dead Heroes

Left for dead in Vietnam, Lieutenant Cotter became a guinea pig for KGB baddie Mitovitch. Implanted with a mind control microchip, he is turned into a mindless killer. His colleague Lieutenant Sanders...
Terror of Prehistoric Bloody Monster from Space

Terror of Prehistoric Bloody Monster from Space

Mad scientist trying to make dino-human hybrids! Tits! Wife killing clowns! Rubber monsters! Idiots! Christian boy-scout nut who thinks the devil is taking over! More idiots! Some blood, more tits! An...
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