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Warren Gray

Warren Gray

Conhecido(a) por: Art · Local de nascimento: Cape Town, South Africa

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Production Designer Warren Gray was born during Apartheid in South Africa his parents Derek Gray and Cheryl Johnson in 1978. In 2005 He got offered first job on a feature film as a set designer for Danny Glover for the movie Toussaint Louvetoure. Production designer Michael Carlin (Duchess) gave him the task of 3d modelling the island of Ilha de Mozambique for the production planning purposes. These plans were sent to New York to the DOP and director to help plan logistics of shooting on the remote Africa Island. Warren Gray then became one of the pioneers in Sketch-up modelling in 2005, which began his journey as South Africas first black Production Designer working on international feature films and Tv series. Warren has had the opportunity to work with some of the leading film makers in feature film and television history. In 2012, Warren Gray worked on his first international show as Production Designer called SAF3 with producer and creator of "Baywatch" - Gregory Bonnan. He designed a Santa Monica beach bungalow on the blue flag beach Camps Bay South Africa. After completing SAF3, he went on to complete the following: Award winning: "While you werent looking" - Pink Apple Audience award , 2016 Safta nomination Production design. Award winning: Noem my skollie - call me thief - 2017 Safta for production design International independant film awards for Production design and 6 other awards. Warren continued to attract international Directors for his skills in production designer and has had the opportunity to work with Roland Joffè on the movie "The Forgiven" starring Eric Bana and Forest Whitaker. In 2019 Warren completed the TV series "The Professionals" the 27 million Dollar 2020 International Tv series starring Brendan Fraser and Tom Welling, working with directors Bharat Nalluri - Little America (2020) , Oliver Schmitz - Sheperds and Butchers (2016) , Ciaran Donnelly - vikings (2013), Thabang Moleya - The Herd (2018). Closing off 2019 and beginning 2020 Warren begins his international career out of the SA in Canada on the feature film "Dreams of the moon" with Alfons Adetuyi

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