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Jake West

Jake West

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West's first feature film was Razor Blade Smile, released in 1998. His second film, released in 2005, was Evil Aliens, described as a 'British slapstick horror-comedy', in the tradition of films such as Braindead, House, and Evil Dead. It was the first full-length British horror film to be filmed using Sony HD cameras and contains over a hundred digital effect shots as well as many conventional gory special effects. Following the success of Evil Aliens, West directed a made-for-TV sequel to the 1988 film Pumpkinhead. Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes was co-written by West with Barbara Werner. The film was shot in Romania for the American Sci Fi Channel. His next film Doghouse was a horror-comedy starring Danny Dyer, Noel Clarke and Stephen Graham, whose 'magic ingredient' was a 'sly script' by British comic book creator Dan Schaffer (Dogwitch, The Scribbler). The movie was released in 2009.

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1 Série de TV
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