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Luisa Novo

Luisa Novo

Conhecido(a) por: Directing · Local de nascimento: Cascavel, Paraná, Brazil

6 Filmes · 1 Série de TV


Born in Cascavel, Brasil, Luisa Novo graduated in Cinema from the Federal University of Santa Catarina. In 2011 she relocated to Los Angeles to continue her education at the New York Film Academy and UCLA, earning certificates in Producing and Business and Management of Entertainment and an MFA in Filmmaking. She has directed a number of short films both in Brazil and the US, focusing on stories from a female perspective and themes like self-image and self worth. She is interested in the struggles women go through arising from the social standards and pressures society puts on them.

Filmes e Séries de TV


1 Filme · 1 Série de TV


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