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Vilém Mrštík

Vilém Mrštík

Conhecido(a) por: Writing · Nascimento: 1863-05-14 · Dia da morte: 1912-03-02 (48 anos) · Gênero: Masculino

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Vilém Mrštík (born 14 May 1863 in Jimramov – died 2 March 1912 in Diváky) was a Czech writer known for his novel Santa Lucia (1893). With his brother, Alois (1861-1925) he also wrote the drama Maryša (1894). This play, set in rural Moravia, explored gender roles and tradition in a small village. In contrast to the more positive renderings of rural life by the writers of the National Revival, the brothers attempted a more impartial view of life in the countryside.

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