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Raymond Radiguet

Raymond Radiguet

Conhecido(a) por: Writing · Nascimento: 1903-06-18 · Dia da morte: 1923-12-12 (20 anos) · Gênero: Masculino · Local de nascimento: Saint-Maur-des-Fossés, France

4 Filmes

Também conhecido(a) como: レイモン・ラディゲ


Raymond Radiguet (18 June 1903 – 12 December 1923) was a French novelist and poet whose two novels were noted for their explicit themes, and unique style and tone.

Início da vida

Radiguet was born in Saint-Maur, Val-de-Marne, close to Paris, the son of a caricaturist. In 1917, he moved to the city. Soon he would drop out of the Lycée Charlemagne, where he studied, in order to pursue his interests in journalism and literature.

Filmes e Séries de TV


1 Filme
Devil in the Flesh

Devil in the Flesh

An Italian high school student becomes infatuated with a woman he sees outside his class window. Her fiancée is in jail for being involved in a radical movement, and she spends much time in court prov...


1 Filme
Nikutai no akuma

Nikutai no akuma

Roman Porno from 1977. One day, school student named Jun, suffering from exam hell, meets a dazzling woman named Naoko...


1 Filme
Le bal du comte d'Orgel

Le bal du comte d'Orgel

Nobles try desperately to cling to the crumbling aristocracy in the days following World War I. The Count (Jean-Claude Brialy) and his Countess Mahe (Sylvia Fennec) delight in throwing lavish costume ...


1 Filme
Devil in the Flesh

Devil in the Flesh

In France during World War I, Marthe waits for her husband, Jacques, while he fights on the front lines. Marthe then begins a tempestuous affair with 17-year-old François, with whom she had a dallianc...
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