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Zheng Kai

Zheng Kai

Conhecido(a) por: Acting · Nascimento: 1986-03-11 (34 anos)

1 Filme · 2 Série de TV


Zheng Kai (simplified Chinese: 郑恺; traditional Chinese: 鄭愷, born 17 April 1986), also known as Ryan Zheng, is a Chinese actor and television personality. He graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy Performance Institute in 2008. Zheng is best known for being a cast member in the variety show Keep Running. He is also known for starring in films So Young, My Lucky Star, Personal Tailor and Ex-Files.. On 21st May 2020, He registered his marriage with his now spouse, Vivi Miao (苗苗). Zheng ranked 86th on Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2015, 67th list in 2017, and 68th in 2019.

Filmes e Séries de TV


1 Série de TV


1 Filme


1 Série de TV
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