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Rene Bond

Rene Bond

Nascimento: 1950-10-11 · Conhecido(a) Por: Acting

32 Filmes


Rene Bond (October 11, 1950 – June 2, 1996) was a pornographic actress. Bond began her career in softcore exploitation films produced by Harry Novak in the late 1960s before moving on to hardcore films in the early 1970s. She was active in the 1970s Los Angeles pornography scene, appearing in more than 80 films and loops. She was noted for her petite figure and conveyed innocence or naivete in her acting approach. She was one of the first actresses in the porn industry to get breast implants, and in a 1977 interview stated that this decision was in response to the "North American Breast Fetish". As a result, she claims that she was offered more parts in films. By the mid-70s, she had started her own mail-order company, selling still photos of herself and slides from her work. Her parents were aware of her work, and accompanied her when she performed at burlesque and strip-tease shows. During these shows, Bond invited her father on stage, where she performed to the song "My Heart Belongs to Daddy". Bond was a member of the AVN Hall of Fame as well as the X-Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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