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Alex Taylor

Alex Taylor

Nascimento: 1970-11-26 · Conhecido(a) Por: Acting

1 Filme


This blonde haired, hazel-eyed beauty stands at 5' 4" and was born November 26th, 1970 in Argentina. She is of Italian descent. While in her teens, Alex competed in beauty pageants. While in her home country she became Miss Argentina. Shortly after she moved to New Hampshire, where she became Miss New Hampshire USA. After being Miss New Hampshire, Alex wanted more so she went on to become Miss Nude World, Penthouse Pet August 1994 and Covergirl Entertainer of the Year. Alex enjoys answering fan mail, going to the movies and weightlifting to stay in shape. She also enjoys going out for a nice romantic dinner to her favorite Italian restaurants. The 2000 Black Convertible Corvette is her favorite car. Her favorite band to listen to is Aerosmith and her favorite fantasy is being fulfilled as a Vivid Girl.

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