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Michael Sadler

Michael Sadler

Conhecido(a) Por: Acting


Michael Sadler (full name Michael Anthony Sadler) is the singer of the famous canadian progressive rock band Saga. He left the band in 2007 after 30 years and returned in 2011. After nearly three decades with Saga - including 18 albums with worldwide sales over 8 million - Michael Sadler has an impressive track record to fall back on. From his beginnings as the lead singer of the Canadian rock outfit in 1977, through his many guest appearances (Justin Hayward, Bobby Kimball, Ozzy Osbourne, Chain and many others), and in his long awaited solo career; Michael Sadler consistently proves his knack for crafting high quality songs that combine irresistible melodies with great lyrical detail. It has earned him respect from his peers, praise from critics and admiration from his devoted fan base. Sadler - who was born in Penarth, Wales, but moved to Canada at the age of three - is blessed with a versatile and buoyant voice that suits a wide range of styles. His performing skills are equally impressive. On stage, Michael plays his audiences with skill, experience and inspiration, frequently switching between keyboards, bass and - occasionally - his legendary briefcase drums. But Michael Sadler's not the kind of artist who lingers over successes from the past. He has a natural tendency to keep moving forward. And that's why he has recently released his first official solo album, titled CLEAR. Ready once more to display his outstanding talents as a singer, songwriter and musician. Michael states that his best experience at a show as a member of Saga was listening to the audience scream "SAGA! SAGA! SAGA!" while Elton John was still perfoming on stage at Rock Am Ring.

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