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Robert Nelson

Robert Nelson

Conhecido(a) por: Directing · Nascimento: 1930-03-01 · Dia da morte: 2012-01-09 (81 anos) · Gênero: Masculino · Local de nascimento: San Francisco, California, USA

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Robert Nelson (March 1, 1930; San Francisco – January 9, 2012; Laytonville, California) was an American experimental film director.

Início da vida

A native of San Bernardino County, California Nelson began creating murals, sculptures, landscapes, seascapes, and experimenting with still life early in his life. When he was 15, his ninth grade history teacher, David Radcliff, recognizing Nelson’s talent, gave him a permanent library pass and allowed him to do independent study. He was to focus on the art of the period of history the class was studying and make sketches - Greek and Roman artwork and notes on the specific art created during that period. In addition Nelson (Bob, as he was then known), did his own independent library work where he discovered Johan Berthold Jongkind and copied Jongkind’s famous Windmills of Rotterdam. He also executed a series of Rembrandt van Rijn portraits. Nelson completed that study successfully, something no other student in Radcliff’s more than three decades of teaching was ever able to do.He attended Chaffey High School in Ontario, California and won a scholarship to attend classes at Chaffey College at age thirteen. As a teenager he began exhibiting his paintings (his first show sold out) at a series of one-man shows and group shows in Southern California. Nelson completed four years of art training at Chaffey College and Mt. San Antonio College, he was offered a full scholarship to continue his studies at the San Francisco Academy of Arts.

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