Forrest Gallante

Forrest Gallante

Conhecido(a) por: Acting
Nascimento: 1988-03-31 (33 anos)


Forrest Galante (born March 31, 1988) is an American outdoor adventurer, television personality, and conservationist. He works in the field of wildlife biology, specializing in the exploration of animals on the brink of extinction. He is the host of the television show Extinct or Alive on Animal Planet.

Início da vida

Shortly after his birth in California, Galante and his family moved to Harare, Zimbabwe, where his mother ran a safari business. He and his sister, named Summer, were raised on a farm that cultivated flowers and fruit, and served as a home to livestock and wild African animals. Throughout his youth, Galante spent time exploring the African bush, learning to wrangle snakes, trap small animals, and snorkel the reefs of the Bazaruto Archipelago. In Zimbabwe, he attended an English boarding school and headed up the Junior Herpetology Society, studying native flora and fauna.In 2001, following the political uprising in Zimbabwe, which led to the invasion and burning of the family farm, Galante was forced to return to California. He resumed his education in Santa Barbara, where he graduated from high school and later earned a degree in biology from the University of California at Santa Barbara.Galante's interest in wildlife and conservation continued into his adulthood. "After university, I set out to explore the world looking for the most beautiful, remote and wild places on the planet," he said. "I have been bitten by a venomous snake, in a plane crash, mauled by a lion, charged by a hippo, stung by a man-of-war jellyfish, bitten by a shark, in a car wreck, tumbled off a waterfall and stabbed by a stingray."


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Local de nascimento
California, United States of America

1988-03-31 (33 anos)

California, United States of America, Harare, Zimbabwe

United States of America

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