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John Paul Tremblay

John Paul Tremblay

Conhecido(a) por: Acting · Nascimento: 1968-01-01

11 Filmes · 4 Série de TV


John Paul Tremblay (born May 17, 1968) is a Canadian actor, screenwriter and comedian who starred in the hit Canadian TV show Trailer Park Boys playing Julian, a newly released ex-con returning to his home in a trailer park in Nova Scotia. Tremblay grew up in the Dartmouth suburb of Cole Harbour where he lived on the same street and went to the same high school as Robb Wells, his future co-star of Trailer Park Boys. Before Trailer Park Boys he and Wells owned a chain of pizza restaurants called J.R. Capone's. The show is written by Tremblay along with co-stars Robb Wells and Mike Smith. The Trailer Park Boys released a film in 2006, most of it being filmed in the municipality of Halifax. Tremblay and Wells also appeared in the 2002 family film Virginia's Run, though not as Ricky and Julian. John and his wife Andrea Tremblay (née Hurley) have three children. In 2010, Tremblay appeared with many of his former Trailer Park Boys castmates in the new series The Drunk and On Drugs Happy Fun Time Hour. In 2011, Tremblay again reunited with Trailer Park Boys castmates Robb Wells and Mike Smith for the live comedy show Drunk, High and Unemployed, which toured across the United States, and appeared in the Archer episode "The Limited."Tremblay reunited with the Trailer Park Boys for an eighth and ninth season of the show which premiered on Netflix from September 5, 2014. Writing for seasons 10 & 11 began in January 2015. Filming began for season 10 in June 2015. Season 10 of the show was released March 28, 2016, the eleventh on March 31, 2017, and the twelfth and most recent season was released on March 30, 2018. This concluded with most of the main characters entering an animated reality after taking an overdose of hallucinogenic mushrooms, which led into Trailer Park Boys: The Animated Series released in 2019.

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