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William Clift

William Clift

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Vida pessoal

Clift married Caroline Amelia Pope in 1799, at St. Martin's-in-the-Fields in London and remained with her until her death in April 1849. A few weeks later, on 20 June 1849, Clift died at Stanhope Cottage, Hampstead Road, London. They were both buried in Highgate cemetery.Clift's only son, William Home Clift, assisted his father in the museum. He was born in 1803 and died in 1833. His only daughter, Caroline Amelia Clift, was married at New St. Pancras Church on 20 July 1835 to Professor (later Sir Richard) Owen, and died at Sheen Lodge, Richmond Park, on 7 May 1873, age 70.

Início da vida

Clift was born in Burcombe near Bodmin in Cornwall. He was the youngest of seven children and grew up in poverty following his father's early death. While attending school in Bodmin, William's talent for drawing attracted the attention of the Prior Colonel Walter Raleigh Gilbert’s wife. Mrs. Gilbert noticed Clift had a natural talent for drawing, visible through his eagerness "to come into her kitchen in Cornwall and make drawings with chalk on the floor." She soon recommended William for an apprenticeship with John Hunter, a celebrated physician. Clift arrived in London on 14 February 1792 and was taken on as an unpaid apprentice "to write and make drawings, to dissect and take part in the charge of the museum" which his master had established at the back of his house in Leicester Square. This arrangement continued until Hunter's death on 16 October 1793.

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