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Conhecido(a) por: Acting · Nascimento: 1964-08-29 · Gênero: Feminino · Local de nascimento: Tokyo, Japan

22 Filmes · 19 Séries de TV

Também conhecido(a) como: Yukiko Ehara


Yukiko Ehara (Japanese: 江原由希子, Hepburn: Ehara Yukiko, born August 29, 1964), known as You (ゆう, Yū), is a Japanese television personality and actress, and former singer and model.


Ehara was scouted in Harajuku and began working as a model. She began a career as a singer under her birth name, releasing her first single "Chotto Dake" in 1985. In 1988, she was invited by Shi-Shonen bassist Seiji Toda to form their own band called Fairchild. Taking on the stage name You, she served as vocalist and songwriter. In 1990, You secured a regular spot on the comedy duo Downtown's weekly Thursday night radio show MBS Youngtown. She next accepted a regular role on Downtown's television show Downtown no Gottsu Ee Kanji. With the shift in her career focus from singing to television, the band Fairchild broke up in 1993. While continuing as a regular on various television and radio shows, she has authored two books, appeared in a number of films, and is a regular contributor (and occasional cover girl) for the fashion magazine In Red. She was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2005 Japanese Academy Awards for her performance as the absent mother in Nobody Knows. You has been a studio commentator for the reality television series Terrace House since its inception in 2012. Since October 2016, You and her fellow Terrace House commentator Ryota Yamasato have co-hosted the puppet show Nehorin Pahorin on NHK Educational TV. They each voice mole puppets who co-interview the non-famous guest represented by a pig puppet. The anonymity afforded via the puppets and voice modulation allows the guests to talk candidly about topics not usually covered on mainstream TV, such as idol otaku or host club addiction.She recently featured in the French-Japanese film, Umami, directed by Slony Sow and starring Gerard Depardieu, production of which took place in Hokkaido, Japan and Saumur, France.

Vida pessoal

You was married to Tetsuka Minoru, guitarist of the rock band The Privates, from 1991 until getting divorced in January 1997. That same year, she married actor Shunsuke Matsuoka in July and gave birth to their son in November. You and Matsuoka divorced in 2005.

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