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Berta Vázquez

Berta Vázquez

Nascimento: 1992-03-28 · Conhecido(a) Por: Acting

3 Filmes · 5 Séries de TV


Vázquez was born in Kyiv, Ukraine in 1992. She is the daughter of an Ethiopian father and a Ukrainian mother. She moved to Elche, Spain when she was 3 and has lived with a host family ever since. She began her artistic training with dance in the Paula Yeray school in Elche, although finally the opportunities have come through acting, and to a lesser extent, music.At age 18, she moved from Elche to Madrid. In 2013, she sent a music video for the casting of The Voice Spain, but was not selected.In 2014, she was cast in her first role in the film Palmeras en la nieve (2015), based on the novel by Luz Gabás. She played Basila, who falls in love with Kilian, played by Mario Casas. In the same year she played her most important role as Estefanía Kabila "Rizos" in Vis a vis.

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1 Filme · 1 Séries de TV


1 Séries de TV
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