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Hiroomi Tosaka

Hiroomi Tosaka

Conhecido(a) por: Acting

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Hiroomi Tosaka (登坂 広臣, Tosaka Hirōmi, born March 12, 1987, in Hamura, Tokyo, Japan) is a Japanese singer and actor. He is a vocalist of the J-pop dance and vocal group, Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe. He joined the group after winning the Vocal Battle Audition 2 alongside Ryuji Imaichi. As a member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers, he has received the Japan Record Awards twice. He is also a member of Sandaime's special sub-unit "THE Sharehappi from Sandaime J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe". Tosaka debuted as an actor in the 2014 movie Hot Road, for which he won the Newcomer of the Year Award at the 38th Japan Academy Film Prize. In 2019, he starred in Yuki no Hana("Snow Flower"), a romance film based on Mika Nakashima's famous song of the same title.In 2017, he debuted as a soloist with the digital single "Wasted Love" , while remaining a member of Sandaime J Soul Brothers. For his solo activities he uses his birth name stylized as HIROOMI TOSAKA. In 2019, he released "Blue Sapphire", the theme song for the film Detective Conan: The Fist of Blue Sapphire (名探偵コナン 紺青の拳(こんじょうのフィスト)).

Vida pessoal

He has an older sister.He played soccer in his school days and is a big fan of soccer.He expressed in several occasion that Takahiro has a major influence on his life and his music career. Takahiro's success during the Vocal Battle Audition 1 inspired Tosaka to take part in Vocal Battle Audition 2 , which led to his debut as vocalist of Sandaime J Soul Brothers. Takahiro also encouraged him to debut as an actor.

Início da vida

Hiroomi Tosaka was born on March 12, 1987, in Tokyo, Japan. He did not have too much enthusiasm about studying as a high school student, so he decided to went to a technical college for hairstylists after high school without too much consideration about his future. He went to Kubota Barber Beauty College, and after graduation, he worked at a hair salon. He quit his job after 6 months and started to work as a shop assistant at an apparel store in Daikanyamachō, Shibuya. The customers he served during that times included Takahiro and Ryohei Suzuki.Though he was always fond of singing, he considered being a singer a dream too unrealistic to achieve, and therefore preferred a future as a hairstylist. When he was studying at Kubota Barber Beauty College, Takahiro passed the Vocal Battle Audition 2006: Asian Dream and became a vocalist of Exile. Tosaka was very much impressed and inspired by this since Takahiro had also been a hairstylist before the audition. For this reason, the dream of becoming a singer became serious for him.

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