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Géneros: Comedy · Drama

Data de Lançamento: 1997-11-30

Este Filme É Sobre

art · relationship


Marjetka is living ten years with Maks, who is a painter, and an uncompromising conceptual artist. At first, it seemed different: Max was witty, charming, talented and promising, so he hired Marjetka to reach fame and success. "Well, it is funny today, but fame and money is not coming out of nowhere". The film has a poet, Srecko, Max's mother, an opera singer, and Vilma, Marjetka's friend. In short, the artists themselves, or as Max says from his point of view: "Slovenian - Country artists". And when Marjetka a few days after her 30th birthday, full of doubts about this way of life, which is not to her liking, she realizes that Maks is not only an irreversible bohemian, but also a slacker and sarcastic, she decides to change her life. And this is very radical. Rather than leave it to him.

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