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The Story of a Discharged Prisoner


Data de Lançamento: September 12, 1967

Nombre original: 英雄本色

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 1h 58m

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Lee Jwo Horng is fresh out of jail after doing time for 15 years. By then his fiancée Betty has already become the mistress of triad boss One-Eye Jack. Lee doesn't want his younger brother Chih Shen to look down upon him, so he decides to keep his release a secret from Chih Shen, and finds accommodation with his friend Ah Han instead. Jack forces Lee to team up with him again for more criminal jobs, but, determined to clean up his act and stay out of trouble, Lee doesn't yield to his pressure. Jack then turns his attention to Chih Shen and lures him to the dark side instead...
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