The Bloodthirsty Fairy


Data de Lançamento: 1 de janeiro de 1969

Nombre original: La fée sanguinaire

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 24m

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Two mysterious men dressed in black and with cigarettes dangling from their mouths drop a large, presumably heavy (since it takes two to carry it) package off on a doorstep and walk away. When the home’s owner returns he drags the package inside, then goes about doing a few more activities before deciding to finally open it. Upon removing the paper, he notices it’s a large steel barrel. Using a blowtorch, he gets the lid off and sees it’s full of oily water… but rising out of the water is a nude, voluptuous, smiling woman, who immediately starts to entice the man by massaging her breasts. Naturally, being in a barrel for who knows how long, she needs to get cleaned off and hops into a bubble bath. While she’s lounging in the tub, the man gets into bed, lights a cigarette and starts to remove him clothes in anticipation. We get to see fantasies from both the man and “the fairy.” —The Bloody Pit of Horror

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