A Conquest


Data de Lançamento: 22 de outubro de 1909

Nombre original: Une conquête

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 4m

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George, passing a pretty woman in the street, has recourse to that old-time trick of dropping his own handkerchief and hurrying after her, making believe that he thinks it is hers. On examining the handkerchief, the beauty returns it, telling George that it does not belong to her. He then confesses that he knows very well that it is not her property, as it happens to be his own, and his offering it to her was only an excuse to make her acquaintance, so struck was he by her beauty. Upon this frank declaration the young woman draws herself up haughtily, but George is not to be discouraged, but follows closely behind her, ready to be of any assistance on the slightest pretext. We therefore see him arriving at the lady's house laden down with such articles as a lampshade, a statuette, a bunch of roses, a bundle of dress goods, and, in addition, leading an enormous dog on a leash, against whose attacks he is endeavoring to protect himself.

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