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Last Train To Tanshui


Data de Lançamento: October 17, 1986

Nombre original: Women de Tiankong

Situação: Lançado

Last Train To Tanshui

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Jeui is a teenager who lives in Tamshui, near Taipei City. Jeui never liked to go to school. One day he meets Old Man Shu on a train to Tamshui. Jeui decides to run away from school and spend the day with him on the streets. Accompanied by Old Man Shu, Jeui wanders about in this small town. Jeui loves to play the suona, and falls in love with a sales girl working in a record store. Old Man Shu tries to help Jeui without letting him know. Through Jeui and her do not turn out to be a couple, they share a good friendship since then. However, there are some misunderstandings between Old Man Shu and his children. One day he disappears after a quarrel with them, causing everyone to worry. While looking for Old Man Shu everywhere, Jeui realizes how important he is to him. When Jeui finally finds him, he is sitting alone by the river bank Jeui's care and comfort cheer up Old Man Shu. This is a story of friendship between the young and the old in the small town of Tamshui.

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