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His Late Excellency


Data de Lançamento: September 16, 1927

Nombre original: Die selige Exzellenz

Situação: Lançado

Tempo de execução: 1h 40m

His Late Excellency

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In the Ruritanian kingdom of Leuchtenstein, the old ruler has just died. His subjects are a bunch of intrigants, and his only real friend was the Baroness Windegg (Olga Tschechowa), a kind-hearted, witty, and very attractive woman, who however was not much loved by the Leuchtenstein upper class. And as these are only interested in getting better positions and other wealths after His Excellency's death, the baroness invents the story that the old ruler wrote his memoirs before his death, containing a lot of intimate, delicate and potentially embarrassing details about the Leuchtenstein dignitaries. Unsurprisingly, everyone is afraid about the details to be revealed. Only the successor to the throne, Prince Ernst Albrecht (Willy Fritsch) sees through the baroness' scheme, and as he is a lusty young man, he joins in her prank.
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