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Hong Kong Master

Drama · 
Action · 

Data de Lançamento: 2017-12-10

Hong Kong Master

Este Filme É Sobre


Chan Hotung - The ex-leader of gangster group "Dragon of the Four Seas" in Mongkok. After the years he quit and work in the car shop with low wages without dignity. Somehow, his old enemy Kurou has become the CEO of Technology company "EastStar", Kurou lead a Cyborg soldier “Iron Head” to persecution the old Gu Wak Zai include Hotung and his old brothers. To defeat an invincible enemy, Hotung decided find one man to help - The Hong Kong Master, the legendary man who merges technology and Feng Shui together. With two magician weapons Quantum Blade and Thunder Cannon from Hong Kong Master, Hotung and his brothers put their lives on defending their homeland and beat those Iron Heads. The Ultimate HongKong Sci Fi battle has begun !